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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Zebronics G31 Motherboard Review 2019

Hello guys so after a looong time i am writing this post. I was so busy during this days so i can't have enough time to write blog posts so i am really sorry for that.😥

Okay! So now in this post we are going to review about zebronics g31 motherboard let's get started!


Zebronics G31 is a LGA 775 Socket based motherboard in the micro-atx form. It can support following processors:

All Intel Core 2 Duo
All Interl Core 2 Quad
Old Pentium Series Processors
Old Celeron based processors

Like regular motherboard's this motherboard can support upto 4 GB DDR2 ram but you need to have 64 bit operating system installed in your pc to fully utilize 4 gb ram.

It's in very small size and it can fit in any cabinet.
It has 4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 ps/2 mouse-keyboard port, 1 vga port, 1 parallel port, 1 rj 45 port, and audio ports.

And It has 1 year manufacturing warranty.

I will recommend you to install core 2 duo E8500 3.16 ghz in this motherboard for best performance.

In the box we get motherboard along with I/O shield, sata cables, driver installation cd & manual.


This is a very basic motherboard which supports almost 10 year old processors so we can't expect high end task such as running games at 4k, for server use. However you can run basic applications like MS-office, tally and other lite applications.( you can run photoshop too)

You can build a pc with this motherboard as home theatre pc or for learning purpose. For maximum performance i will recommend you to install core 2 duo E8500 with 4 gb DDR2 ram in this board to get best performance.

You can also add core 2 quad processor in it.


It depends upon you 😛

Now let's talk about gaming performance the most awaited part lol.

Most of the people thinks that this motherboard can't do gaming but that's actually wrong. You can actually run most of the games on 720p or lowest possible resolution on it. But you need to assemble core 2 duo e8400 3.0 ghz with gt 710 ddr3 or you can add core 2 quad with gt 710 or r7 240 in it to get better gaming performance.

We tested few popluar games on this board and specs was: 

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 Ghz
Zebronics G31 Motherboard
GT 710 2 GB DDR5

Games fps are following:

(Fps recorded on lowest seting 800x600~1280x720)

Grand Theft auto 4 (30-40 fps shadows off)

Grand Theft auto 5 (27-59 fps)

Mafia 2 (40-50 fps)

Battlefield 3 (30-40 fps)

Pubg pc lite (35-50 fps)

gta san andreas ( above 60 fps)

As you can see that this system can run most popular games above 30 fps. If you try to run these games on 720 or high settings then probably you will get 15~20 fps.

We also tested applications like ms-office, photoshop, tally on this board and we didn't face any single issue.


This is a good motherboard but it has problems too. There are following problems you may face with this motherboard:

• Frequent restarting 
• Northridge Overheating
• Sometimes won't give display
• Low cpu speed (if stock cpu is 3.0 ghz then it     will show only 2.53 ghz in windows properties)

Sometime it may stopped working with in the year.


This is the perfect motherboard to rescue your old pc and bringing a new life into them. And if you have core 2 duo machine and it's motherboard is dead then you can use this motherboard for replacement. It will work surprisingly fast.

It just cost only 2000 rs on amazon but i will recommend you to buy from offline for low price.

It is one of the most rated motherboard on amazon india with more than 350 reviews and 3.5 rating which is actually ok. See the below screenshot 

And one more thing if you are looking to build a cheap gaming pc then you should go with this motherboard.


Zebronics G31 Motherboard is a normal motherboard for normal users you should only buy it if you want to rescue your old pc or buildng a cheapest computer.

If you like this review then please comment down for more post suggestions. Your comments makes me more motivated to publish more content.😊

Thank you.

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