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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Cheapest Gaming Pc Build In 18000rs In India 2019

Hello & welcome to my website today in this article we are going to build a gaming pc in just 18000rs. On this pc you can play modern games such as gta v, battlefield, fortnite & many more at 60 fps. So without any discussion let's begin..

( Note -: In this build we did not include monitor & other accesories if we include them then price can go upto 18k rs.)

So our first component is processor here we have included amd athlon 200ge processor which has 3.2 ghz of base clock. It has only 35 watt TDP which is really low compare to other processors.

It has 2 cores and 4 threads & it's an apu which comes with vega 3 gpu which is far better than any entry level graphic card such as gt 710. The vega 3 gpu has 1000mhz frequency. 

This is the best budget processor for 720p gaming in 2019.

From The Below Link You Can Buy This Processor ☆

Our next component is motherboard. Here we have selected msi 7A36-005R A32M motherboard. 

This is the cheapest AM4 socket motheboard available on amazon. It has one PCI - EX16 & 2 PCI -EX1 slots.

 It can support upto 32 GB of DDR4 memory. This motherboard has both USB 2.0 & 3.1 ports & it has 1 vga port.

Price of this motherboard on amazon is around 3,794 ruppes.

From below link you can buy this motherboard

For memory we have selected crucial 4 GB DDR4 2400Mhz memory which is available on amazon at just 1,530 ruppes.

 Here i will recommend you to buy two ram sticks for better gaming performance.

From below link you can buy this ram

Here we have selected chiptronex X510 RGB mid-tower gaming cabinet this is the cheapest RGB gaming cabinet available on amazon.

From below link you can buy this cabinet

For storage we have selected seagate 500 gb sata hard drive which costs around 1450rs on amazon.

You can also buy external ssd over sata hard drive but it will cost more. There are lots of ssd in market which usually comes with 120GB, 240GB storage which can cost you around 1600 to 2500 rupees.

From below link you can buy this hard drive

Seagate SATA Internal Desktop Hard Drive (500 GB)

Our final component is SMPS which is the most important component in our pc build. Most of the people who build their system's with high end component such as processor & gpu forgets about to buy a good smps. If we use high end components with cheap smsp then it can reduce your pc's life.

Always buy good smps from popular brands such as corsair, antec and circle. By looking on the power demands we have selected antec bps450s strictly power 450watt smps which costs around 2200rs on amazon.

You can buy this smps from below link

Small thing i would like to say..

You should build this system in offline market so you can get reasonable discount.

Final conclusion 

This pc is able to run modern title games smoothlh at 720p resolution. You can later buy gpu if you want to upgrade plus you can also upgrade your processor upto ryzen 5 2400g which has vega 11 graphics.

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