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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

What Is The Cost Of Indian Railways Locomotive?

Hii all readers! Today in this post we are going to see the prices of locomotives which are used in Indian railways. So let's get started..

Indian railways carry over 23 million passengers daily which is equivalent to the population of Australia! Indian railways runs more than 7400 freight trains which carries 3 million tonnes of freight load every day.

Talking about locomotives Indian railways use unique types of locomotives in their system which includes diesel and electric locomotives.

First let's talk about electric locomotives. Indian railways use locos such as Wam4, Wap5, Wap7, Wag5, Wap4. Each of the locomotive has it's different specifications. These locos are mostly used to haul passenger trains and freight trains.

So here are the prices of some electric locomotives of indian railways.


WAP-5 is a type of passenger electric locomotive which is used by Indian railways. It is the most high speed loco of indian railways. It has 6000hp power output. This loco can go up to 200kmph at full throttle. It was build in 1995 by chittaranjan locomotive works, inspired by lok 2000 loco model. Wap5 is mostly used to haul Gatiman, shatabdi and rajdhani trains in india.

The Cost Of the WAP-5 Is around 8 Crore INR 


WAG-9 is a type of freight loco which is used by Indian railways. This loco is very similar to the loco Wap7 which is used to haul passenger trains in india. WAG-9 loco can go up to 120 kmph. It is the second powerful freight locomotive of indian railways. It has 6120hp power output. It was build in 1996 by chittaranjan locomotive works (CLW). A single WAG-9 can haul 4250 tonnes of goods at 120 kmph. However, it is also used to haul mail/express trains in india.

The cost of the WAG-9 is around 14 to 15 crores INR.


WAP-7 is the most successful passenger locomotive of indian railways. It was build by chittaranjan locomotive works in 1998. This loco is better in compare to other indian locomotives in terms of acceleration. The gear ratio of WAP-7 is 72:20. WAP-7 can haul 24-26 passenger coaches load at 110-140 kmph very effectively.

This locomotive can go from 0-110 kmph in just 240 seconds! It is mostly used to haul mail/express trains and trains like duronto, garibrath, rajdhani and humsafar trains.

The cost of the WAP-7 is around 12-13 crores INR.

Now let's talk about prices of diesel locomotives of indian railways.

Indian railways use diesel locos such as wdm 3a, wdg 3a, wdp 4d, wdg4, wdg 5 to haul both passenger and freight trains in india.


WDG-4G is a type of diesel loco build by GE Transportation. It has 4500hp power output and it will be used to haul freight trains in india. This is loco is said to be most fuel efficient than other Indian locomotives. The max speed of this loco is 100 kmph. 

The loco WDG-4G are still under production. Around 700 quantity of this loco are planned. The cost of the WDG-4G is around 14.656 crores INR.


WDG-4 is also called as EMD GT46PAC. It was build by both EMD & DLW in between 1997-2017 respectively. WDG-4G used two-stroke v16 diesel engine which has power output of 4000hp. A wdg4 loco can go up to 121 kmph. 

The cost of the WDG-4 is around 13 crores INR.


WDM-3A is a type of diesel locomotive which is used by Indian railways. It was build in 1993 by diesel locomotive works, Varanasi, India. This locomotive can go up to 120 kmph. WDM-3A is used to haul passenger trains and freight trains in india. 

This loco uses V16 diesel engine having power output of 3100hp. The price of the WDM-3A is around 8-10 crores.

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