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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Best 5 Ways To Save Storage In Android Smartphone

Hii guys! Hope you are doing really well. Today in this post we are going to explore about best 5 ways to save storage in android smartphone.

So let's get started..

Nowadays most of the android smartphones comes with 32/64 GB of storage. It can be filled up very easily by photos, videos, games. Then, our device works improperly due to low storage. But wait! Those photos, videos & games are important too for us.

So here are the best 5 ways to save more storage in your android device.

1. Clear data of applications.

The first basic thing you can do to save storage is clearing all the data & cache of the unnecessary applications which are installed on your phone. 

Applications such as Google chrome, youtube, facebook can be easily filled up by data which eats a lot storage on your phone. So clear all the data & cache of those apps which are unnecessary for you.

By doing this you can actually save more than 500 MB in your smartphone.

2. Use Google Drive.

If you are low on storage then you can use google drive to backup your crucial files. Google drive allows you to backup up to 15 GB of storage on their server for free. 

Well 15 GB is quite huge right? But if you are thinking that 15 GB is not enough for you them you can actually buy 1 TB or more storage plan by investing some bucks. Well there are so many alternatives for google drive such as Mega, Mediafire, Zippyshare etc.

3. Compress your photos, videos & important documents.

Compressing files can actually helps to save more storage on android device. Use apps like zarchiever, RAR to compress your data and then upload it to google drive.

But you can't compress your data in very small size such as 1 GB to 1 kb in android smartphone. This action can be only done in pc for example of you have a file which is 600 MB large then you can barely compress it by 50% which means 300 MB.

File compression is also depend on your phone specs a phone with quad core processor and at least 2 GB ram will be enough to compress files without any hassle.

4. Move files to internal storage from sd card or move files to sd card from internal storage.

Yeah, you can also move your files to internal storage from your sd card. Most of the smartphones comes with 32/64 GB of storage which can get easily filled up very easily.

So if you have an external sd card then you should move your files to sd card if you feel you have low storage.

5. Backup your files to your computer/laptop.

You can also backup and store your files on your pc or laptop by usb connection. Computer's have 10x percent more storage than android smartphone which is a good thing if you have low space and if you are looking for backup.

Just simply create an folder on your computer and putyour important files there that's it! It's just too simple to do!

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Thank you!

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